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About FacePrice 

We are a Mexican company, proudly “Vallartense”, we have more than 30 years in the exciting world of tourism and digital marketing, in 2018 this fresh proposal comes up with a very clear purpose; offer the ideal hotel and according to the lifestyles, preferences and needs of the traveler. 

Being a Vallarta company, the initial focus is Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, with support of friends and colleagues from the guild who have believed in this ambitious project. 

In a world where borders are practically non-existent, we decided to opt for collaboration and alliances with Mexican technology companies as well, betting on the growth and development of Mexicans. 

We like, that you enjoy your vacation.

We love, find the best value and best hotel for you. 

We have fun and it amazes us, the experiences that are generated in a family holiday or as a couple. 

Nothing makes us sad or angry, because you can book from your cell phone, our desktop or talk directly to our Call Center. 

Designing the experience.

Technology is an important part of our business model, however the person-to-person service remains the central axis of our philosophy, which is why we have a Call Center, trained to design the ideal experience for our clients. 

Information security

We have high standards of digital security, as well as an armoring with secure servers. The data and information is encrypted before being sent through the web with all SSL-3 security protocols. 

Your own style - your own rhythm - with your own vision of traveling 

We know that a trip has a great impact on who lives it, we know that there are as many likes as there are people in the world, we also know that the preferences of traveling, types of hotels, styles and expectations are like the iris of the eyes "unique from whom he is its owner ", knowing all this has impelled us to give us the task of focusing the perfect hotel for each type, wishes and style of travel.  

Without you there is no reason to be FacePrice This beautiful project would not make any sense if we only sell trips, this business model is carefully designed for the rhythm and style of modern life, mixing technology and warmth of our travel designers, we use the immediacy of the Internet and products with high value. The great wonders of traveling is what inspires: Inspiration for knowing Inspiration for feeling, exploring Inspiration for reliving lost dreams.

The experience of traveling just in a CLICK!