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Acceptance of the terms and conditions

Welcome to the internet site faceprice.com.mx, hereinafter referred to as the 'SITE', by having access to this website, the 'SITE', you accept these terms and conditions, so you should review them carefully before continuing.

FacePrice reserves the right to add or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. All terms added or modified will take effect when they are updated. Continued use of this site even after the publication of the changes made to the Terms and Conditions will mean that you accept said changes. Please return to this page periodically for any changes.


DEFINITIONS. - For all the purposes of the Terms and Conditions established herein, the following definitions shall be understood: TRAVEL AGENCY. - Company (OPERADORA CLICKAWAY S de R.L de C.V.)

DECLARATIONS. -You declare under protest of telling the truth, appearing by your own and personal right and / or through your legal representative, that you are a natural or legal person, of legal age, skillful, capable and with sufficient means or with economic capacity to be bound under these Terms and Conditions, as well as with interest in acquiring the intermediation and reservation services specified here, and that for this it resorts to FacePrice in order to act as a mere intermediary between you and the Providers direct providers of tourist services.

You declare under protest of truth, that you acknowledge that the services provided by FacePrice and its Site, consist SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY OF THE INTERMEDIATION BETWEEN YOU AND THE DIRECT PROVIDER OF THE SERVICES. OPERADORA CLICKAWAY S de R.L de C.V .; declares (a) to be a duly incorporated commercial company in accordance with Mexican law. (b) That it has authorization from the Secretary of Tourism to provide Travel Agency services, and is also registered with the Tax authorities with the Federal Taxpayers Registry number OCL1606296R6. (c) That his address is located in Tierra de la Música # 163, colonia terralta Tlaquepaque, jalisco C.P. 45594. (d) That its corporate purpose consists of the power to: The commercialization either through the internet network or by other means such as telephone, direct or through intermediaries, of all kinds of products, especially tickets in any means of transport, whether land, air, river or sea, and all kinds of tourist services, such as the transfer of groups of people, sale of 'all-inclusive' trips, the reception and attention of tourists, both in the Republic Mexican as well as abroad. (E) That for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, it only acts as INTERMEDIARY between you and the Suppliers of said tourist services, and that for this purpose, it has the technical and administrative capacity, as well as the the material and human elements necessary to reserve on your behalf and at your request the services referred to in these Terms and Conditions. (f) That based on the foregoing Declarations, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

TRUE INFORMATION.- You acknowledge and accept your full obligation and responsibility to provide truthful and correct information about the ages, sex, names or surnames of both you and the other users-tourists who accompany you or who commission you to make use of it. Site, as well as the data and complete information for the formation of the itinerary and the reservation of land and maritime services (hotels, visits, rental cars, restaurants, cruises, etc.), releasing FacePrice from any responsibility for itinerary changes generated due to incorrectly provided data, or due to any error in the data provided by you for the issuance or purchase of air tickets, such as ages, sex, names, surnames, dates, forms of payment, routes, airlines, schedules, classes, categories, special conditions, etc., adhering where appropriate to the cancellation clauses for air, land, sea or cruise services expressed and these Terms and Conditions.

RESPECT FOR THE REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES.- You agree to adhere to and respect the regulations and conditions of service established by each of the Providers and direct service providers contracted by you through the intermediation of FacePrice, therefore FacePrice must inform you of the most important ones, however the Provider may inform you of new or additional conditions of service for which FacePrice has no responsibility whatsoever and consequently declines any liability that may arise from non-compliance. Likewise, you must provide yourself with the passports or migration documents required by the authorities of the United Mexican States and the countries of destination or transit, such as visas, health permits, vaccines and all those documents required by the authorities. Customs, Air, Maritime, Airport, Federal, State, Municipal, etc., that are necessary to make your trip, releasing FacePrice on any problem that may arise with said authorities, as well as the loss of plane tickets, air transportation or hotel nights due to said omissions that in no case may be imputed to FacePrice as it is your sole responsibility.

OBJECT.- The object consists of the INTERMEDIATION that will exist between FacePrice, you and the Providers, where FacePrice for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, will act solely and exclusively as INTERMEDIARY, providing you through its Site in an enunciative manner but not limited to, the land and air transportation reservation service; reservation in hotels and lodging establishments; reservation of tourist attraction sites; reservation of travel packages; Among others, Thus, once the reservations are confirmed by FacePrice containing the tourist services chosen by you (according to their availability), it will conclude with the provision of the intermediation service by Faceprice, since said tourist services will be provided to You by Providers directly.

Reservation policies

The rates shown in faceprice.com.mx will be maintained only in the event that the user reserves and complies with the specified payment policies, otherwise the rates may vary. A reservation is considered complete, when the 'USER' has provided all the necessary information and has the confirmation number. At the time of booking, the 'USER' authorizes FacePrice to validate the card data provided during the transaction and expressly confirms that they know and accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as the FacePrice privacy policy. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of processing your request. If the 'USER' wishes to change or cancel his reservation, he must contact any of the FacePrice telephones, mentioning his reservation number. FacePrice suggests that you carefully read the clause corresponding to the CANCELLATION POLICIES. Any change of reservation is subject to availability and re-quotation of rates. For more information, the 'USER' should contact the Travel Advisor, mentioning their reservation number.

Payment Policies.

The amount corresponding to your FacePrice reservation will be charged immediately to the credit card details that you provide for this purpose, as long as the status of your reservation shows that it is confirmed. For the payment of your reservation, we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express Credit Cards. If you do not have any of these credit cards, you can send us a bank transfer. For more information please contact one of our Travel Advisors. The rates published on our site are quoted in various types of currencies, which are duly specified at the time. Mexican pesos will be charged in Mexican pesos. In the case of any other type of currency, the amount of the transaction will be converted to US Dollars at the exchange rate in effect on the date of the transaction. Please take into account that the amount that will appear on your credit card payment receipt may vary up to three percent due to the international fluctuation of the currency exchange rate. FacePrice is not responsible for such fluctuation. You acknowledge having been informed of the fluctuation of the exchange rate and agree with the corresponding charge in US Dollars. In case you require a fiscal invoice, please enter the link for electronic invoicing that is sent in your itinerary confirmation. It is worth mentioning that for tax reasons the invoices will be prepared after generating the payment or after having enjoyed the reserved service (s).

You are informed that there are taxes and / or State and Municipal fees both in the Mexican Republic and abroad that could be charged directly by the final service provider, FacePrice does not assume any responsibility for such charges, nor are they part of the final price of your reservation.

Limited Liability of FacePrice:

By virtue of the fact that FacePrice acts only as INTERMEDIARY in the provision of the air transportation service, not being the direct provider of the service, you understand and accept that once the air tickets are issued, if they are canceled and / or modified and / or rescheduled by the airline, for any reason, which may be but not limited to:

  1. ) Stop performing your operations on a regular basis;
  2. ) Initiates a liquidation procedure or substantially transfers its assets;
  3. ) It dissolves or legally ends its existence;
  4. ) A commercial bankruptcy procedure is initiated on him;
  5. ) A strike is started by its employees;
  6. ) And / or for any other reason, it will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the airline providing the service and not FacePrice.

  7. Therefore, in the event that air services are not provided partially or totally by the airline, you release FacePrice from any responsibility or lack of compliance, not reserving any administrative, civil or criminal action, or any right against FacePrice, nor to claim any claim, compensation, reimbursement, indemnification and / or payment of damages.

In the cases in which the reimbursement is appropriate in terms of the cancellation policies of the airlines, the amount to be reimbursed will be reflected in your account statement within the next 5-10 business days depending on the Banking Process, mainly on the terms of your issuing bank. FacePrice reserves the right to contract on your behalf, the services to which this refers are specified in these Terms and Conditions precisely in the quality and / or contracted categories, as far as carriers, hotels and car rental companies are concerned, regardless of the ultimate service provider, unless it is expressly agreed that these will be provided invariably by a specific provider. In case of modification of the direct service provider, this will be provided by another of equivalent quality, if you use the service, it will be understood that you consented to said modification and no claim, compensation or refund will proceed. Once FacePrice receives from you the amount of the contracted services, be they air, land, lodging, as a whole (package) or any other, FacePrice has the immediate authorization of you to issue, issue or acquire the tickets flights in your name, adhering to and accepting both FacePrice and you the policies of cancellation, issuance and sale of tickets of national and international airlines, the policies of issuance, issuance and sale of air tickets of IATA International and the Reservation Policies Cancellation of this Site.

PRIVACY & SECURITY. - You represent that you have read the PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY of FacePrice, the terms incorporated in it, and you agree that the terms of such policy are reasonable. You consent to your personal information being used by FacePrice and / or its third party suppliers and distributors in accordance with the terms of the FacePrice Privacy Policy and for the purposes set forth therein.

General cancellation policies

FACEPRICE states that, in case of modification, it is subject to rate changes and if you authorize and / or make use of the service, it will be understood that you consented to said modification and no claim, compensation or refund will proceed. Once FACEPRICE receives from The 'USER' the amount of the contracted hosting services, FACEPRICE has the immediate authorization of The 'USER' to acquire and confirm the accommodation, adhering to and accepting both FACEPRICE and the 'USER' policies cancellation.

Cancellation policies may vary depending on the hotel, time of year or type of room. You can review the specific policy that applies to the selected hotel during the reservation process.

If you have to leave the hotel before the end of your stay (early departure), or do not show up at the hotel (known as a no show), it is considered a cancellation and no refunds apply. If you reduce the number of guests once the reservation is paid, it is the hotel's decision to apply penalties or refunds.

Modification policies:

Refund policies:

A refund will only be made in the case of errors attributable to FACEPRICE and which would be the following cases:

ALL reimbursements will be made exclusively according to the customer's initial payment method and the customer's account. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.

Refunds can take 7 to 15 business days before they are reflected in the customer's statement. If not, please contact our accounting department to verify the status of your refund.

Special requests:

Requests will be taken into consideration, but in NO CASE is their granting guaranteed.

TERMINATION. - FacePrice may terminate these Terms and Conditions and / or any of its services at any time without the need to notify or notify such termination, for any cause or reason, including for any inappropriate use of this site or your breach of these Terms and Terms. However, such termination will not affect any right or obligation contracted by FacePrice to You once a reservation has been confirmed.

ASSIGNMENT. - You may not assign, subcontract, or delegate your rights, obligations or duties contracted here.

DIVISIBILITY. - These Terms and Conditions will continue to be divisible. In the event that any term or Condition is considered prohibited or unenforceable, such provision will nevertheless be mandatory and such determination will not affect the validity and enforcement of any other remaining provision.

TITLES. - The titles used in the Terms and Conditions are only used for your convenience and will not limit or otherwise affect the content of the Terms and Conditions established herein.

TOTAL AGREEMENT.- These Terms and Conditions, which are included here, or to which reference is made, constitute the total and complete agreement between the parties in relation to the object established herein, and supersede any previous agreement or contract made between the parties (whether oral or written) that is related to the same object, and will not be amended or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on this site.

COVID-19 AGREEMENT, WAIVER AND DISCLAIMER.- By booking with FacePrice, you have carefully read our terms and conditions and agree that FacePrice acted solely as a mere reservation intermediary between you and the final service provider. Now, derived from the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the world, most of our suppliers, such as: hotels, carriers, tours, airlines, etc., are committed to continuing to guarantee your well-being so that you and those for Those who respond (among others, the other Users included in the same reservation) feel more cared than ever. Therefore, they have implemented safety and hygiene protocols in order to provide you with a quality service and a safe vacation.

Therefore, you and those for whom you answer understand that there are many unknowns related to the COVID-19 virus, including, among others, its transmission methods, the presentation of symptoms and its duration. Furthermore, they understand and are aware of the inherent risks associated with COVID-19 and agree to reserve and use the services of End Providers, acknowledging and assuming those risks. You and those for whom you are responsible disclaim any liability, will hold harmless and undertake not to sue OPERADORA CLICKAWAY S de RL and its predecessors, successors, affiliated entities, parents, subsidiaries and other related entities, past or present directors, assignees, representatives , agents, lawyers, managers, administrators, business partners, Suppliers, or any other persons in any way related to FacePrice (the 'Released') regarding any complaint, legal action or claim of any damage and / or prejudice, whatever its nature, economic, financial or otherwise, legal, contractual or non-contractual, directly or indirectly related to the transmission, contagion or spread of COVID-19, including those claims for damages derived from actions or omissions of any of the Suppliers , or of actions or omissions of you when not complying with the measures or protocols imposed by Providers.

During the time that you and those for whom you respond, use the service of the Providers, you agree to comply with each and every one of the requirements of the Providers related to COVID-19, including, but not limited to, the fulfillment of orders or government guidelines, orders for social distancing and / or use of masks, immediate communication to the Provider of symptoms and / or possible infection, rules of personal hygiene, isolation and quarantine, and any other order or directive issued by the Providers, or any agency or entity of the country of origin or any local authority.

We reiterate that all hygiene and safety protocols adopted by the final Suppliers are the responsibility of the latter, therefore FacePrice does not assume responsibility for the efficiency of said protocols.

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