Vacations are such an appreciated time that shall not be taken for granted.  We work really hard so we can take that plane,  car or bus outside our cities, so we should really take advantage of those days.


We are a hard working society that's living under the great stress caused by big cities,  office jobs and even human relations, that's why is so important to take a break once in a while, whether we do it with our family, our friends or alone, a kind of travel that must be done at least once in a lifetime.


But it's just as important to do this right, to research for what really suits us, what fits better into our needs and how to really leverage our well deserved vacations.


Let’s start by picking out the perfect time of the year. It’s essential to choose wisely your days because otherwise you may not enjoy as much. For example, if you are the type of person who can’t stand very much the heat, then it’ll be better to avoid Europe during the summer months, the long walks under the shiny sun of July or August can be quite exhausting. Or if you’d like to spend all of your afternoons at the beaches of Vallarta, you’ll have to skip June and July or the rainstorms will leave you soaking wet.


We also recommend that if you have flexibility in your job, travel during low seasons and avoid the masses of tourists in the popular cities, you will enjoy the calm and have neater photos for sure.

Now that you know when you want to travel, it’s time to get the best hotel.

It’s crucial to pick the right place for your type of travel because the options are so varied that the process can even be a little stressful.


For example, if you’re in Puerto Vallarta with your significant other, it’d be nice to get an All Inclusive hotel where you won’t need to get out for nothing, you’ll be treated like king and you’ll have all the time you want for romance. There are excellent options for this such as Hacienda Buenaventura or Friendly Vallarta.


But if you are on a family trip and you have small children, it will be best to find a hotel with lots of pools, kids pools and ideally, a pet friendly hotel so you can even bring your dog with you. Puerto de Luna hotel is what you’re looking for; it’s pretty, it’s comfortable and it’s got a great location, close to everything.


And of course, if we are in Puerto Vallarta,we can’t ignore our gay target. Options for this, as expected, are huge. We offer fun and party oriented hotels like Blue Chairs and quiet ones like La Casa de Chayo boutique hotel.


We think that it’s worth taking your time to plan a trip we can really leverage, we’ll have a better experience for sure, and at the end, this is Puerto Vallarta, whatever you do, wherever you are, the best vacation of your life is guaranteed.

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