The pleasure of eating while traveling or traveling to eat

For the Mexican national culture, the best events in life are celebrated Eating, food is a very particular taste of the Mexican.

Yes there is a birth great celebration and feast, if someone fulfills years especially if it is the 15 years of the baby, if someone dies coffee, bread and something to eat for the companions to the duel. The Mexican eats in difficult and happy times, not for nothing do we have the place 1 or 2 (depending on the source that is consulted) in world obesity, this is clear due to the disorder of the type of food and the culture of eating for everything and for nothing in Mexico .

Mexico has 3 Mexican restaurants within the list of the 50 best in the world. Pujol (16), Biko (37) and Quintonil (33), all located in the capital of the country. However, Puerto Vallarta is, after Mexico City, the destination that has the largest gastronomic offer in the country. Every year the International Gourmet Festival is held, where chefs from all over the world attend,

Vallarta Nayarit, is the ideal destination for a culinary journey, whether the primary objective of the trip is to experience and experience the gastronomic journey that offers such a beautiful destination, or parallel to a trip of pleasure with family, couple or business, you can experience the diversity of types of meals that go from a taco tour to author's food.

We leave you the recommendation of the 10 best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and of course the Tacos Tour

Café des Artistes
Fredys Tucan Restaurant
La Palapa
Marlyn's Tacon
Restarante Oscars
Restaruante Vitea
River Café
8 toast
La dolce Vita

Taco Tour

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