Would it be fair to say that Puerto Vallarta is a gay hotspot in Mexico? Maybe the San Francisco of the South? Without a doubt, the answer is yes, Vallarta is a city merged with gay culture that emanates freedom and inclusion on every corner, but especially in the famous Romantic Zone, right next to the city's Downtown, here is where you'll find a huge variety of bars, nightclubs, hotels, shows, beach clubs and  so much more to live and enjoy the gay world in the Mexican coast.

This is why the LGBT community of Mexico, the United States, Canada and Europe has made out of Puerto Vallarta their safe and happy place. Besides, it's amazing to come and meet so many different nationalities and cultures, all of them dancing along in the same place.

A tribe that’s growing and growing in Vallarta is the bear tribe, and there’s a specific time of the year where you’ll see more bears than you’d do in Yosemite. For all you bear lovers, we’ve got news for you!

What used to be known as Vallarta Bear Weekend has evolved to Bearadise, a wilder than ever experience that offers more choices for the bear community. This 2020, Bearadise will happen from January 30th to February 2nd and will host 7 fruit-themed parties (some of them clothing optional): Pineapple, Mango, Banana and Mexican Chile pool parties during the day, and the Strawberry, Cherry and Watermelon parties in the night. That’s a whole lot of fun (and fur!)

But if you are a true RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, you've come to paradise. Puerto Vallarta is one of the world capitals of gay entertainment and many of the stars of the drag reality that has conquered the world come frequently to the city to show us why this TV phenomenon has given us the next drag superstars of America and the world. Right now you can enjoy the amazing show of one of the most beloved Ru's girls, Tammie Brown, presenting at Act II until January 29th.

And when the night falls down it's a must to visit the best nightclubs and bars in the Romantic Zone; little hidden bars like Anónimo, happen to be a gem that can't be missed. Flamingo’s,  La Noche, Blue Chairs' rooftop or Top Sky Bar are the places to go wild and dance 'till your feet hurt, you’ll see tons of hot people and be amazed by the gogo dancers that won’t show off just their perfect bodies but their Cirque du Soleil-esque acrobatics.

Have you made up your mind to come to Vallarta and find the love of your life yet? We’re sure you won’t be able to find such a perfect city that offers this much, beautiful beaches packed with beach clubs and hotels brought for the community and an atmosphere so sexy yet laid back. This truly is paradise!

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