If romance has always been an art that requires certain skills and sensibility to make that special someone to fall in love, nowadays it's almost a degree we have to specialize in.

The internet has come to make our lives easier, to achieve situations that seemed out of reach in the past and the tools to make this happen are close to endless.


It's been years now since we're living in this new digital romance era and it doesn't seem to go anywhere soon. It all started with online chats where you could talk for hours with whoever you wanted, anywhere you wanted. And now, the dating apps are all over the place, from the chill ones like Tinder to the hot ones like Grindr. Finding a boyfriend, a friend or a hookup never was this easy.


Do all this also mean an imminent danger? Yes, that's the truth, but like any other circumstance or ambiance you may be at, you have to be cautious with what you say, the information you give and the place you go.


It's true that the anonymous status of an avatar on a screen leaves a lot of doubts about the veracity of what is going on and you need to be careful with the personal info you will provide and the place where you'll meet the person if you ever get to that point.


Another downside of this new way of interaction is that the digital era has made us lazy in a way, we get everything so easily, applying minimal effort.


Back then we used to get out of the house, looked for what suited us best in our closet and find the perfect restaurant for that special date, and now we just have to turn on the computer and log into that dating website. This way we can find love as comfy as we are in our living room in our pj's. But isn't it amazing to be able to find the love of our lives in a place so far away like Russia when we are in Mexico?

The silver lining is definitely major because it's also true that we have the option; we can choose our way into romance, what our flirting techniques are going to be and if we want an old fashioned relationship or the digital love era is really our thing.

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